Cracked #355

Cracked #355 • USA
May 2001
Hannibal Roasted!
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Comment by Tom Smith:

Let's take time to analyze this explosion of images. As far as I can tell, an insane alternate world version of Sylvester is being mugged by an anime human. Some rat in the background is taking drugs. A red-haired kid is gambling in the street with some dice. A pumpkin psycho is wielding a knife (obscured by "phat signs", there's that "phat" again). Some weirdo with a big brain and Groucho glasses is zapping Sly with a laser gun. A weird looking dog is pissing on the ground. Some huge looking green thing is sipping a drink which is spilling on the street with some funnels or hearing aids in his ears, and looks stoned out of his mind. A pink garbage bag has a huge mouth and looks about ready to bite Sly's legs, and there is more stuff in the background, random objects, I can't make out.

What you are looking at is probably the wildest Cracked cover of all time. It looks like a beautiful mess, and despite its insanity, I find it appealing since Rick Parker (who I think drew it) is a very good artist and he can make a mess appealing. He will also draw a cover a few issues from now which is much cleaner and brilliant. So, I really wonder what he was going for here. It's like modern art. You can stare at it for awhile and still not be sure what the hell is going on, and still find new things to take in. Part of the image is obscured by the "phat signs" rectangle so that makes it even more messed up since we can't see part of the cover drawing.

The cover is absolute insanity; a masterpiece of messiness, like some kind of LSD induced vision. I say this as someone who has never done drugs and with absolute respect for Rick Parker, who I think is a brilliant artist. I don't know what Digi-Mon is, so maybe Digi-Mon is artistic insanity as well? Or is this cover just absolute lunacy all on its own? After this issue, the covers start to settle down and look cleaner and slicker.