Cracked #347

Cracked #347 • USA
September 2000
A Cracked Peek at 6 Summer Movies!
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Comment by Tom Smith:

Hmmm, I like the layout of the cover, and all the text, but the caricatures are not too good. Mel Gibson looks quite decent, but the others, not so much. Cage is the worst. If it wasn't for the "Gone in 60 Seconds" caption, I wouldn't know that was him. The movie parodies inside are pretty cool, and one of them features Frank Cummings art, so that's always good. Simpy Dumpkins and the rap parody are especially bad. Sylvester is copied from the classic Sylly Awards Severin art from the Mort Todd "Year's Best" issues, so he looks good. The film strips are a nice formatting touch, since movies are the focus of this issue.


Comment by Tom Richmond:

All these covers were symptoms of one of the big problems Cracked had at the time... the people in charge did not seem to know the difference between good and bad art, and seemed a lot more interested in having their own bylines than good images. Covers are your main selling point. You have a few seconds to catch someone's eye and interest them in opening up the magazine, and hopefully buying it. Therefore covers need to be high impact, strong, blow-you-away kinds of images. Despite the dismal budget and pay during this time, the Cracked staff had artists like myself, Ed Steckley, Jason Seiler, Frank Cummings and others contributing. Rather than tap one of us to do some decent art for the covers, they put this sort of thing out,,, and let's face it, it's bad. Amatuer fanzine level bad. Funny, the main artist on these covers is also the main editor. Just saying.