1984 Soppåse Från Svenska MAD (4 paperback Bag)

MAD Books from Sweden

1984 Soppåse Från Svenska MAD (4 paperback Bag) • Sweden

Series: Various MAD Books

Company: SEMIC Press AB

Original price: 28 SEK

Format: Pocket Book

Format: Pocket Book

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This collectors bag contains 4 Swedish MAD paparbacks from the past. These bags were sold to get rid off of the unsold paperbacks. It is unknown how many different version of these bags were produced. Today 3 are known to exist. Other versions contain 4 MAD paperbacks. 

This version contains the following titles:

  1. MAD klubbar Klassikerna
  2. MAD:s bissara basar
  3. MAD:s Dave Berg kollar dej
  4. MAD:s Al Jaffee drämmer till


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