The Directory of Humor Magazines and Humor Organizations in America

MAD Related Items from USA

The Directory of Humor Magazines and Humor Organizations in America • USA

Series: Miscellaneous MAD Related Items

Company: Wry-Bred Press, Inc.

Publishing Date: 1st April 1992

Pages: 282

Format: Magazine

ISBN-10: 0960619054

ISBN-13: 978-0960619054

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The Directory of Humor Magazines and Humor Organizations in America (and Canada) is the first and only book to help you find humorous magazines, humorous newsletters, humorous newspapers, periodicals about humor, and humorous organizations. The directory provides extensive listings of every humor magazine and humor organization in America and Canada. ln addition, it provides the reader with sample articles for each humor publication, giving you a vivid flavor for these hilarious, humorous, satirical, eccentric, and sometimes even downright bizarre, publications.

The directory features:

  • Incredibly detailed listings of 87 different humor periodicals and humor organizations plus updates and status changes for an additional 116 other humor periodicals, humor resources, and humor organizations
    SAMPLE ARTICLES for each publication
  • Descriptions of each humor publication and humor organization in the words of the respective editor, publisher, or founder
    Information on how to order sample copies and subscriptions
  • Cross indexing of humor periodicals by 47 different subject areas from A (Anthropology Humor) through Z (Zoology Humor). Whether you are looking for delightful cartoons, humorous poems, zany puns, articles on the Marx Brothers, spoofs of psychology, psychiatry, and medicine, fun with music, scathing political satire, or humor in the most esoteric of areas (physics humor, chemistry humor, engineering humor), it can all be found here. Or, if you are interested in thetrade side of humor—writing humor, selling humor it can also be found here.
  • Writers markets for humor—the most extensive listing of humor periodicals in existence, along with information on payment rates and terms, contractual arrangements (e.g., copyright), and much more.


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