Corporate Christmas Card w/ Al Jaffee Fold-In

Corporate Christmas Card w/ Al Jaffee Fold-In • USA

Produced in 1997 by DC Comics, this is the 1997 DC Comics corporate Christmas card. Normally, the card is your standard greeting card, with a picture on the front, and a pleasant greeting on the inside. This version, however, is a foldable version, and the art was drawn by the MAD Magazine Fold-In master, Mr. Al Jaffee. The card features a contingent of DC Comic Superheroes, clad only in their underwear. The gag is that someone is destined for a costume makeover. By doing the Fold-In, you will find that the answer is.................well, you will have to buy this card to find out. This card has been signed on the back by eight (8) DC Comics staffers (none of whose signatures I recognize). 

This item features artwork by Al Jaffee, who graciously provided a special Fold-In for this card. Characters featured on this card include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and MAD's own Alfred E. Neuman.


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