Anoka (Minnesota) Jackson Junior High School Yearbook

Anoka (Minnesota) Jackson Junior High School Yearbook • USA

Published in 1973 by the American Yearbook Company, this is the annual yearbook for the Jackson Junior High School, located in Anoka, Minnesota. Nicknamed, the Jaguars, the school chose Alfred E. Neuman to be its cover boy for their annual 1972-3 yearbook. I am unsure of the artist, but it obviously appears that he/she is of middle school age. Alfred also appears on other pages of the yearbook, and each image is very similar to the cover image. There are also several autographs and messages contained on the pages of the book, including the front cover. There is no "used with permission of MAD Magazine", or any reference to MAD anywhere is the book. But the name, "Alfred E. Jaguar", was used on the first page (pictured).


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