Alfred E. Neuman Fan Club "Welcome" Letter

MAD Merchandise from Sweden

Alfred E. Neuman Fan Club "Welcome" Letter • Sweden

Series: Miscellaneous Collectibles

Company: Williams Förlags AB

Publishing Date: 1960

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This is a cool piece of foreign MAD Magazine memorabilia. Produced in the 1960's by Williams Forlags AB, this letter is a "Thank You For Joining The Alfred E. Neuman Fan Club" letter. Although I do not understand all of the Swedish language, there are a few words I recognize. Nonetheless, this letter is very cool, and very RARE! On the bottom, this letter features the printed signature of the first editor of the Swedish MAD (and the Alfred E. Neuman Fan Club President), Mr. Lasse O'Mansson. This letter was stored in a 4-ring binder, and shows four (4) hole support stickers along the left hand side of the letter.



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