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Tie Clip MAD Office • Sweden
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The golden MAD tie clip is one of the rarest MAD collectibles from Sweden. It was never sold to the public and was given to members of the Swedish MAD team. It's unknown hoy many do exist, but I saw only this one in over twenty-five years of MAD collecting.

We received the following information from an ex-employee of the publisher of the Swedish MAD Semic:

"Oh! I'll have to think about that. It's been many years since I left Semic. It was back in 1985, so I'd say they were made in the early 80's. Hard to remember how many were made. It was either 100 or 500, but no mass production. They were probably used as subscription gifts or maybe some were sold in the magazine. Apart from that, we who worked there, and other 'guests', got one as PR."

If either 100 or 500 were made, we would guess 100, based on the fact that they are so incredibly rare. We are also pretty sure he's wrong about it being a subscription gift and that it was sold in the magazine. We've never seen any ads for it! Most likely it was only used as gifts for the staff and guests.

Thanks to Per Lindgren for this information!


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