Don Martin BF Goodrich Service Station Poster

Don Martin BF Goodrich Service Station Poster • USA
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This poster was produced by the BF Goodrich tire company and could be found in service stations across the United States. It features a typical Don Martin cartoon from MAD magazine on the front side.

MAD and Don Martin were very popular in the United States in the 1970s. Maybe BF Goodrich used this trend to promote their new ‘Space Saver Spare Tire’ products. Goodrich even paid everyone 10$, who put this poster on their garage wall. The rules were written on the back side of the poster:

$10.00 for you.

Hang it up and you coul $10 too. Over the next two months, representatives from a nationwide survey organization will visit thousands of service stations, auto repair shops, tire dealers - most anyplace and everyplace that could come in working with tires.
When they visit and see this poster hanging in a visible spot in the tire service area, they’ll give a $10 voucher to the person responsible for hanging it up. (Send the voucher in and we mail you the $10.). They’ll attempt to give away a total of $10.000.

That’s $10 for 1000 people.

So don’t take chances on somebody getting hurt. Hang the poster.Now.

This safety message brought to you by BF Goodrich.


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