Postcard Pre-MAD Alfred E. Neuman Face

Postcard Pre-MAD Alfred E. Neuman Face • USA

This postcard shows a pre MAD Alfred E. Neuman face on the front side of the card. Although this postcard was sent and written by someone, who was living in Spain, it was produced in New York, USA. The name of the painter is Charles H. Twelvetrees.

The postcard was stamped in the year 1917 and a Spanish postage stamp was used. Probably the postcard was purchased in the USA and sent from Spain or it was sold directly in Spain.

"Charles H., according to several sites, was born in 1888 and died in 1948. He was both an illustrator and an artist who designed magazine covers (for Pictorial Review and Collier’s, among others), postcards, jigsaw puzzles, mechanical cards, original prints and advertising ink blotters. Works attributed to him were signed either C. Twelvetrees or Twelvetrees or C.H. Twelvetrees. He apparently worked for several New York publishers, including Gross."

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