2 Color Sales Flyers MAD Watches Concepts Plus

2 Color Sales Flyers MAD Watches Concepts Plus  • USA

Here are some cool MAD Magazine advertising flyers. Produced in 1987 for E.C. Publications by Concepts Plus, this is a set of two(2) different color sales flyers for a collection of MAD Magazine timepieces. The first is for a MAD Magazine wall clock (in the shape of a watch), and a MAD Magazine alarm clock. Neither item was produced for sale, however a few samples were made of the MAD Wall Clock, and were given to a few members of the MAD staff. The second flyer is for the MAD watches, which were released nationwide. In addition to the red and white bands pictured, this watch was also made with a black band and a light blue band. These flyers are very cool. and I would guess there are very few around, if any.

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