1956 Alpha Epsilon Pi / aen Fraternity Rush Party Invitation

1956 Alpha Epsilon Pi / aen Fraternity Rush Party Invitation • USA
© DJ Saint

Produced in 1956, this item is a party invitation to the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity chapter house, held on November 3, 1956.  One side of the invitiation features the smiling face of Alfred E. Neuman, along with his famous "What - Me Worry" tagline.  The other side features a partially reprinted page from MAD #24, along with a reprinted MAD logo from either an early MAD paperback book, or one of the first 23 MAD comic books.  The Greek letters for Alpha Epsilon Pi are "aen, in lowercase", which are also the initials on Alfred E. Neuman (AEN).  That explains whey Alfred and MAD were used in this party invitation.  There cannot be many of these around anymore, and this example is in beautiful display condition. There is some writing in ink on one side, presumably from the female companion of one of the men.  As of this writing, this item predates any college or high school yearbook with the modern image of Alfred E. Neuman, and this just might be the first item to use the modern image of Alfred in any form of advertising that was not pre-approved by MAD Magazine.

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