Photo Picture William M. 'Bill' Gaines Signed Color

Photo Picture William M. 'Bill' Gaines Signed Color • USA
© DJ Saint

This is a super rare item from the offices of MAD Magazine. Produced in December of 1977, this item is a color Polaroid picture of the founder of MAD Magazine, William M. "Bill" Gaines. Mr. Gaines had a few of these pictures made up as photo "postcards", so that all he had to do was sign them, stamp them, and mail them out. They have the "Post-A-Photo" logo stamped on the back, and are dated "Dec. 1977". This particular example is signed by Mr. Gaines in ink, with the greeting "For Kenneth Ostlander Eeeeeecccchhhhhhh! Bill Gaines". The photo shows Mr. Gaines sitting at his desk in his chair at the MAD Magazine offices.

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