Poster 'Get MAD Stay Sane' Promotional

MAD Merchandise from Great Britain

Poster 'Get MAD Stay Sane' Promotional • Great Britain

Series: Miscellaneous Collectibles

Company: Thorpe & Porter (Sales) Limited

Publishing Date: 1970

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This is a cool piece of foreign MAD Magazine memorabilia. Produced in the 1970's by Thorpe & Porter LTD., this is a very cool and very rare British MAD Magazine sales poster. This item was displayed in British comic book shops in the early to mid- 1970's, and is quite rare. This poster features Alfred E. Neuman riding a motorcycle at the top, while Alfred also appears as five (5) different characters on the bottom. Measuring approx. 20" by 30", this poster has been folded to approx. 7 1/2" by 10".



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