Painting of Alfred E. Neuman from 1960

MAD Merchandise from USA

Painting of Alfred E. Neuman from 1960 • USA

Series: Pictures

Publishing Date: 1960

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Description: 1960 painting of Alfred E Neuman, from the St. Louis area

A 20 something year old female used to hang out w/ my moms family. I am guessing she was a friend of the family. Well, this female was a "flirt" type girl. So, one day a man she used to flirt with painted her this painting of good ole Alfred. The female took the painting, but did not what it (what 20 y/o female wants a Alfred E Neuman painting in 1960 anyway). Well, enter my mom, she was in need of something to decorate her "party basement", so she took the painting. When she got this painting, her party basement was complete.

Thanks to Garrett Enloe


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