Award Plate MAD Magazine

Award Plate MAD Magazine • Germany
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This plate was awarded to mostly German politicians and public figures for obviously idiotic acts. It was awarded by the second edition of the German MAD magazine between issue 6 and issue 55. Although this collectible has a younger age, it is exceptionally rare and was not offered for public sale.


Complete list of all prize winners (with issue number):

006--- Ingolf Lück (German TV host)

007--- Erwin Teufel (German politician

008--- Alfred Biolek (German TV host)

009--- Erich Ribbeck (German football manager) 

010--- Bill Morrison (Cartoonist)

011--- Zsa Zsa Gabor & Prinz Frederic von Anhalt (Celebreties)

012--- Thomas Anders (German musician)

013--- Marcel Reich – Ranicki (German author)

015--- Bela B (German musician)

016--- Niels Ruf (German comedian)

018--- La Palöma Boys (Short-lived German musicians)

019--- Gina Wild (Erotic star)

020--- Barbara Salesch (German TV host)

021--- John De Mol (Dutch TV producer)

022--- Verona Feldbusch (German celebrity)

025--- Jörg Pilawa (German sports host)

026--- Aleks Bechtel (German TV host)

027--- Jenny Elvers (German celebrity)

029--- Axel Puck (German MAD magazine reader)

031--- Boris Becker (Former Tennis player)

033--- Hella von Sinnen (German TV host)

034--- Nadja Abdel Farrag (German celebrity)

035--- Anke Engelke (German TV host and actress)

038--- Moritz Bleibtreu (German actor)

039--- Mario Basler (Former German football player)

040--- Olivier Kalkofe (German TV host)

041--- Rüdiger Hoffmann (German comedian)

043--- Sonja Zietlow (German TV host)

044--- Peter Mayhew

045--- Stefan Effenberg (Former German football player)

046--- Julian Chees

047--- Günter Jauch (German TV host

048--- Rudolf Scharping (Former German politician)

050--- Erkan & Stefan (german comedians)

051--- Vera Int Veen (TV host)

052--- Dieter Nuhr (German comedian)

053--- Sonya Kraus (German TV host)

054--- Gerhard Schröder (Former chancellor of Germany)

055--- Mona Sharma (German TV host)