Sales Rack for MAD Magazines


Made by The MYCO Co. around 1974. Rugged metal frame measures 40 inches high and 14 inches wide by 14 inches deep. The painted tabs on the front are heavy gauge metal and  fold around to grip the rack. ALL of the tabs/signs are on the rack. Each  side of the rack holds a red wood sign featuring Alfred E. Neuman and all of the books that were offered.


The 1974 MAD Magazine Store display is one of the rarest of all the MAD collectibles. The MYCO Co. MAD Magazine  point of purchase rack was only used in a few metropolitan areas and distributed to stores that carried the full line of MAD Magazine, Specials,  Big Books, and Paperbacks.  The racks were made in very limited number. To determine where they would be placed, distributors picked the top sellers of MAD Magazine. These racks were eventually  returned to the distributors and destroyed. To date only four others are known to exist with all of the  metal tabs and wooden placards intact. There was one rack at the New York offices of  MAD Magazine as late as 2000. However, it was missing a few of the metal  tabs. This unique piece has sold in the past for as high as $5300.

by Dr. Gary L. Kritzberg