MAD Magazine 1985 #2

MAD Magazine 1985 #2 • Sweden
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Art by Torvald Sundbaum. Mid-eighties and the Saame people up north have voiced a concern about the wolves a becoming too numerous and that their reindeer herds are at danger. Russian wolves were allegedly migrating across Fennoscandia to find new hunting grounds in northern Sweden and Norway (this was later confirmed with DNA analysis).

The reason this hadn't been a problem in Finland was that the Finnish authorities were more accommodating when intrusive wolves had to be dealt with (they had to stop when the EU became aware of it and began to set rules and regulations to protect the wolves, which means that the intrusive carnivores are becoming a problem there too).

At first protective hunting was done to defend the various Saame villages' reindeer herds from the wolves. But when the animal welfare movement in Sweden got involved, and later the EU, things got complicated and drawn out. According to them it's only good that Russian wolves are allowed to establish themselves in Sweden, to bring in new blood to a population of animals that are under threat of becoming too inbred otherwise. To this day the issue hasn't been solved in a satisfactory manner…