MAD Magazine 1979 #4

MAD Magazine 1979 #4 • Sweden
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Alfred posing for a picture while making a nuisance of himself with the indigenous seafarers in a picture by Torvald Sundbaum. The idea to this picture may have partly come from a more or less constant hubbub between local year around inhabitants in Roslagen, an archipelago with around 13000 islands outside Stockholm, and city people just using it for a summer retreat.

Also during this time the ferries to and from Finland had been noticed to create damage in the local ecosystem as they travelled through the archipelago (another possible source for the idea to the pic). The main problem was soon marked down to velocity – as in the ferries were despite a speed limit often speeding through the area with little respect for the environment.

It was discovered that the captains liked to dawdle a bit at sea to give the passengers a nice experience, then take in lost time under the cover of darkness while travelling through the archipelago. The speed limit became strictly enforced, putting a kibosh on the hurtling through a hurting environment.