MAD Magazine 1973 #7

MAD Magazine 1973 #7 • Sweden
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The cover is a collaboration between Torvald Sundbaum (upper pic) and Bowen (lower pic). The inside stories are spoofs on the radio show "Ring Så Spelar Vi" (Call and we'll play) written by L. O'Månsson/T. Sundbaum and drawn by Torwarld Sundbaum, and the movie "Anderssonskans Kalle" (Ma Andersson's kid Kalle), written by Ove Magnusson and with art by Bowen.
"Ring Så Spelar Vi" is (was) a quiz show for radio that for many years was run by one Hasse Tellemar (1923 – 2012), and the man by the mike here. The quiz worked as follows: After a province and the last digit of a phone number has been decided in a lottery draw, a person living in said province with a phone number ending with the drawn digit can call. If he gets through (not always the easiest when there can be hundreds of callers, and where a standard phrase is "Det var roligt att komma fram" which is Swedish for "It was nice getting through"), he/she gets to answer a sometimes quite tricky question. If this answers correctly, the prize is (or used to be) a gift check that covers the price of a LP album of his/her choice. If a number of callers have given the wrong answer on a question, before the right one is delivered, the winner gets as many albums as there were wrong answers. And on top of this the winner also gets to hear his chosen piece of music on the radio (Sveriges Radio has one of the largest archives of music records in the world). There is always some banter between the DJ and the caller and this can often get rather hilarious. As of today I’m uncertain if the show runs anymore.
"Adamssonskans Kalle" is a three page story of a eight-page full-colour appendix. The original story started out as a book written in an humorous tone by the author Emil Norlander (1865 – 1935). Up to date 15 editions have been released and six movies has been made between 1922 and 1973. When Norlander didn't run a newspaper or worked as a journalist, he also wrote lampoons and musical couplets. The character Anderssonskans Kalle can best be described as a tween Bart Simpson that lives to prank. In the books he and his mother were living in Norrmalm, Stockholm, but in the movies the location has been moved to Södermalm as this was more of a working man’s district and a more suitable setting for a single, hardworking woman with an unruly kid. Where ever he may live, he makes life miserable for the shrews and custodians on the block. The movie referred to here is with a high probability the one that premiered in ´72, where one Sickan Carlsson (1915 – 2011) played the mother. She was said to have such sparkling eyes and that’s why her eyes have been given a “sheen” in this spoof. The original book was released pre-WWI, but the setting of the movie is Stockholm in the 40's with some more modern stuff blended in.


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