MAD Magazine 1968 #4

MAD Magazine 1968 #4 • Sweden
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Alfred has run into a practical joker in a cover by Bowen. One of the inside stories is a televised show about doing your income tax-return forms in a story by PG Lönn with art by Fimbul, after an original by Dick DeBartolo.
The host is one Lennart Hyland and the show is based on one of his own shows (either "Karusellen" (Carousel) or "Hylands hörna" (Hyland's Corner)) and is a format based on American variety shows, such as "The Tonight Show,", or "The Steve Allen Show". Hyland was the one that brought the concept of variety TV shows to Swedish television and it was big at the time.
Before he was seen on the telly, he was a sports commentator for Radiotjänst (what later would become Sveriges Radio) and known for his rapid speech. He was so quick in his commentary of the game that a hockey player once complained that he's getting ahead of the players and they have problems keeping up with him.


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