MAD Magazine #98

MAD Magazines from Great Britain

Series: MAD Magazine

Publishing Date: April 1970

Cover Artist: Bengt Olof Wennerberg (Bowen)

Original cover: MAD Magazine #78 • Sweden

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This cover harks back to Frank Kelly Freas's excellent original front cover for the 'MAD in Orbit' paperback collection. More anal Brits may also point to the even earlier series on BBC TV by ex-goon Michael Bentine: 'It's a Square World'.

Cover Variations

MAD Magazine #78 • SwedenMAD Magazine #54 • Denmark • 1st Edition - WilliamsMAD Magazine #3 • Finland • 1st Edition - SuomalainenMAD Magazine #98 • Great BritainMAD Magazine #21 • Germany • 1st Edition - Williams


David Climie ... Editor
Bengt Olof Wennerberg (Bowen) ... Cover Artist


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