MAD Magazine #12

MAD Magazine #12 • Great Britain
Great Britain
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Pgs 3 – 6: The Man of Science, the World’s [America’s] Next Mass Media Hero (from MAD #61) - In the intro, “Detective” Eliot Ness (of ‘The Untouchables’) is replaced by “Inspector Lockhart” (played by Raymond Francis in ITV’s ‘No Hiding Place’. Errol Flynn becomes 'Rubirosa' (Porfirio Rubirosa, 1909 – 1965) French-born Diplomat and playboy: the irony, here, is that Flynn was well known in Britain, whereas Rubirosa was more likely to be mentioned in the US mag – as he was three times during 1958 – 1963!

Pgs 14 – 20: TOP LITTLE PEOPLE DEPARTMENT (Playkid Magazine from MAD #61) -
Department changed from YOUNG SNOB-NOSE DEPT, but the actual derivation is unclear.

Pgs 27 – 30: HI-FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT (The Wall Street Jungle, from MAD #61) - unclear why there is an apparent Hi-Fi reference in the Department text (changed from the original ALL THE NEWS THAT HINTS OF MINT).

Pg 32 – 34: SANTA CLAUSE DEPARTMENT: MAD’s Comprehensive Small-Irritation Insurance (from MAD #61, reduced from 4 pages to 3. The revised Departmental text (from ‘THE CLAUSE THAT REFRESHES’ pre-empts the 1994 movie title, although both reflect Chico’s “There ain’t no sanity clause” in the Marx Bothers’ ‘A Night at the Opera’; and it’s not clear why GB MAD has used this in a non-Christmas issue.

Note: two George Woodbridge pieces, back-to-back.

Pgs 35, 36: PRESSURE, PRESSURE, THREE BAGS FULL DEPARTMENT (How Neurotic are You? from MAD #38) - Department text changed (from SICK, SICK, SICK DEPT) a reasonable wordplay on a British nursery rhyme.

- Cover was taken from the US-MAD #50


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