Squa Tront #11

E.C. Collectibles from USA

Squa Tront #11 • USA

Series: Squa Tront

Company: Fantagraphics Books

Publishing Date: 1st April 2005

Cover Artist: John Severin

Original price: $10.95

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John Severin - The Long Distance Runner - page 1
Highlights of an Extraordinary Comics Career - page 2
An Interview with Colin Dawkins - page 5
Prize Comics Western Checklist - page 8
The Lost Ghost Bear Pages - (written by Roger Hill) - page 10
All in a Day's Work (written by John Garcia) - page 15
The EC Fanzines Part 7: I was a Teenage SQUATRONT Editor (written by Mike Britt) - page 18
The EC French Connection (written by Jacques Dutrey) - page 24
Jerry De Fuccio, A Personal Reminiscence (written by Hames Ware) - page 28
Letters - page 31
The Early Years - An Interview with John Severin (written by Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.) - page 36
John Severin Checklist (compiled by Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. and Mitchell Lee) - page 50


John Severin ... Cover Artist


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