EC Fan-Addict #1

E.C. Collectibles from USA

EC Fan-Addict #1 • USA

Series: EC Fan-Addict

Company: Roger Hill

Publishing Date: 1st July 2004

Cover Artist: Graham J. Ingels

Original price: $10.00

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Front Cover art by Graham Ingels
Back Cover art by Wally Wood

Space Science Fiction preliminary art(inside front cover)  - page 2
The Woody Welcome Girl (by Wally Wood) - page 3
Table of Contents pages - page 4
EC for Me, See! (Editorial) (by Roger Hill) - page 6
The Wally Wood Scholarship Fund (Announcement) - page 8
The HOOHAH! Interview - page 12
The Horrible Comic Story Behind The Horror Story Comic Books (Lunatickle magazine article reprint) - page 23
In Search of Graham Ingels - page 38
The Rarest EC of them all!?! - page 43
The First EC Convention? - page 47
EC News and Reviews! - page 57
The Lost EC Cover?! (John Severin art) (inside back cover) page 59


Graham J. Ingels ... Cover Artist
Roger Hill ... Author, Editor


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