Verführen a la carte

Side Projects from Germany

Verführen a la carte • Germany

Series: Miscellaneous MAD Related Stuff

Company: Heyne Verlag

Publishing Date: 1966

Cover: Das Menü zu zweit

Cover Artist: Atelier Heinrichs & Bachm

Original price: DM 2,50

Pages: 200

ISBN-10: -

ISBN-13: -

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- Reprint of "The Seducer's Cookbook", published 1962 by Random House, Inc., New York

- With 12 Illustrations by Paul Coker, Jr


Paul Coker, Jr. ... Illustrator
Atelier Heinrichs & Bachm ... Cover Artist
Mimi Sheraton ... Author
Aladar von Wesendonk ... Editor
Jutta von Sonnenberg ... Editor


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