Squa Tront #9

E.C. Collectibles from USA

Squa Tront #9 • USA

Series: Squa Tront

Company: John Benson

Publishing Date: 1983

Cover: The three "GhouLunatics"

Cover Artist: Johnny Craig

Original price: $ 11.95

Pages: 100

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- Interviews with Al Feldstein, Harvey Kurtzman & Bill Elder and Harvey Kurtzman & Bill Gaines

- Gag Poster from the last E.C. Christmas Party 1955

- The EC Fanzines ,part 5: Hoohah!

- The camera party from summer 1952

- The early Wood Portfolio

- The EC writers: Carl Wessler, with an unpublished story, illustations by Johnny Craig

- Cover ideas from the Wood File

- The secret EC line. Gag Poster from the 1950s EC Christmas Party

- The Horror comics and Dr. Wertham


Johnny Craig ... Cover Artist
John Benson ... Editor


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