Sergio Aragones zerstört Marvel

Side Projects from Germany

Sergio Aragones zerstört Marvel • Germany

Series: Sergio Aragones zerstört Marvel

Company: Marvel Comics Deutschland

Publishing Date: 1999

Cover: Marvel

Cover Artist: Sergio Aragonés

Original price: DM 4,95

Pages: 52

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- Reprint of the US-Title "Sergio Aragones Massacrs Marvel"

- Inked by Marvel Artists: George Perez, Joe Sinnott, John Romita Sr., Steve Leialoha, Al Milgrom, Terry Austin, Joe Rubinstein and E.C. Legend Marie Severin


Sergio Aragonés ... Author, Cover Artist, Illustrator
Mark Evanier ... Author
Marco Marcello Lupoi ... Editor
Tony Verdini ... Editor


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