Witzend #2

Side Projects from USA

Witzend #2 • USA

Series: Witzend

Publishing Date: 1967

Cover: Witzend No.2

Cover Artist: Wally Wood

Original price: 1$

Pages: 40

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- Additional artist and authors: Tatjana Wood (Woods wife), Gray Morrow, Warren Sattler, Reed Crandall, Frank Frazetta, Ralph Reese, Bill Pearson, Art Spiegelman, Steve Ditko, Al Williamson, Roy G.Krenkel

- When Don Martin worked for Cracked, 1988 - 1993, he draw his Witzend Sketchbook story from 1967 new. See Cracked #263 (July 1991) "One Fine Day In The Park"


Bill Elder ... Illustrator
Harvey Kurtzman ... Illustrator
Don Martin ... Illustrator
Wally Wood ... Cover Artist, Editor, Illustrator


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