Comixene #41

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Comixene #41 • Germany

Series: Comixene

Company: Edition Becker & Knigge GmbH

Publishing Date: 1st August 1981

Cover: Interviews: Mehr oder minder MAD

Cover Artist: Gilbert Shelton

Original price: DM 5,-

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- This magazines features the second part of the famous interview with all members of the US MAD Magazine, who attended the MAD Trip 1980 to Germany
- Tom Bunk and Volker Reiche made the Gilbert Shelton interview


Gilbert Shelton ... Cover Artist
Wolfgang J. Fuchs ... Author
Thomas A.T. Bleicher ... Author
Eckart Sackmann ... Author
Kris de Saeger ... Author
Hartmut Becker ... Editor
Andreas C. Knigge ... Editor
Klaus Strzyz ... Editor


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