Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Ivan
1985, Milano, Italy
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Hurricane Ivan (real name: Ivan Manuppelli. Milano, Italy,1985), is an Italian illustrator, musician, cartoonist and underground publisher. Strongly inspired by the American underground comix scene, he has animated the Italian indie scene founding the magazine The Artist (2001) and it's successor PUCK! (2009). In 2011 he published the anthology "Puck Comic Party", a surrealistic exquisite corpse with 172 cartoonists from all over the world (Jay Lynch, Tom Bunk, Al Jaffee, Bill Griffith, Aleksandar Zograf, The Air Pirates, Ivo Milazzo, Paco Alcazar and many others).
His comic stories and illustrations are published by some of the most important satirical magazines such as MAD , linus, Frigidaire, "IL MALE di Vauro e Vincino" and horror comic anthologies such as Splatter, Freaky Magazine, Snuff Comix and Italian newspaper "il manifesto". 

Among his other creations are the animated series 'Aztrokitifk & Mario Show' and the daily comic strip  "I Sopravvissuti" (The Survivors). 

From 2015 he works as cartoonist and curator for Linus Magazine and Strade Bianche (Stampa Alternativa) 

From 2016 he's one of the organizers of  the indie comic festival AFA - Autoproduzioni Fichissime Andergraund in Milano.).

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Contributions by Hurricane Ivan

USA • MAD Magazine (California)
  • New Evolutionism! (Artist, Writer)
MAD Magazine #8August 2019
  • Necronomicon for Dummies (Writer, Artist)
MAD Magazine #10December 2019
  • Possessed Barbie, Barbie Nightmare House, Voodoo Ken (Artist)