Nei Lima

Nei Lima

Nei Lima (Ney Lima, born Sidney Lima) is a cartoonist from Rio de Janeiro. His career as a cartoonist began in the extinct Bloch Editores, where he started by developing cartoons and caricatures. At the same time, he collaborated with some publications as a free-lancer in alternative newspapers. For his caricatures, he was awarded in several comic conventions in Brazil.

For years he was an illustrator and caricaturist of the newspapers O Dia, Meia-Hora, Brasil Econômico, O Esportivo, and won three prizes along with the art team. He also participated in several events with live cartoons. Awarded in the recent exhibition (in 2016), with interpretation of the Mona Lisa, promoted by the cartoonist José Alberto Lovetro (always signs his works with ‘JAL’), with repercussion in Italy.

Currently collaborates with Ediouro, in the production of cartoons for crossword publications and online orders.

Nei Lima about MAD: "My participation in MAD was in a meeting with Ota at the home of the then cartoonist Márcia Braga, who signed "Z", in his works.

I visited her and took some of my work for her to see and Ota was doing a photo production on the spot, when she saw my drawings and invited me to participate in an edition of MAD (Brazilian MAD Magazine Number 44), satirizing the tv show "Xou of XUXA" , Which came out as "XÔ DA XOXA".”

Contributions by Nei Lima

Brasil • MAD Magazine (Record)
MAD Magazine #44August 1988
  • TV satire: ‘Xô da Xoxa’ [‘Xou da Xuxa’] (Artist with Dadau)