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Lyle Stuart (August 11, 1922 – June 24, 2006) was an American author and independent publisher of controversial books. Born Lionel Simon on August 11, 1922, Stuart worked as a newsman for years before launching his publishing firm, Lyle Stuart, Incorporated.

A former part-owner of the original Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Stuart was also a noted gambling authority, who advised casinos on how to protect themselves from cheats and cons. A garrulous raconteur, he had a wide circle of friends, freely admitting to a lively sex life and, as expected of a gambling authority and a former partial casino owner, he was fond of gambling, with baccarat and craps being his games of choice. His gambling bestsellers were Casino Gambling for the Winner, Winning at Casino Gambling, and Lyle Stuart on Baccarat. He boasted, in Casino Gambling for the Winner, of having won $166,505 in ten consecutive visits to Las Vegas.

Lyle Stuart, Inc.
The publishing firm for which Stuart was best known, Lyle Stuart, Inc., was founded in 1955 with the proceeds of a lawsuit settlement. It was known for publishing books such as The Sensuous Woman.

The company was sold in 1988 to developer Steven Schragis, who started Carol Publishing. In 2000, Carol Publishing filed for bankruptcy and was itself sold to the Kensington Publishing Corporation.

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