Cracked Collector's Edition #97

Cracked Collector's Edition #97 • USA
January 1994
35th Anniversary Issue
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Cover is new. This issue is only 68 pages as the second magazine polybagged with this one is a reprint of Cracked #1 as you will see and I will discuss tomorrow. The rest of the contents are reprints.

List of all of the differences of this reprint from the original (by Mark Arnold):

The cover is the biggest giveaway. The original says "25c" in the crack as opposed to "#1". Also, on the original, the word "MARCH" is prominently displayed on the upper right. Also, the yellow border on the reprint is a much brighter yellow than on the original.

Moving into the interiors, The bottom of the contents page on page 3 updates the indicia so it reflects Cracked Collectors' Edition #97 and 1994 copyright information instead of the original 1957 copyright date.

Next, moving to page 24 in the article called "Science Fiction", there is artwork by Don Orekek, Bob Campbell and Joe Kiernan. For unknown reasons, the artwork by Campbell and Kiernan was removed for this reprint, as it was in Cracked Collectors' Edition #70.

Next, on page 42. There is a one page cartoon by Bill Ward called, "He's really a Lone Ranger Now!" (and in Cracked Collectors' Edition #70) that was originally called "Why Doesn't This Ever Happen?" in the original #1. I suppose the change here was made because no one knew who The Lone Ranger was by 1987 or 1994.

Finally, on page 43, in the Cracked Collectors' Edition #70 and in this one, the mailing address was changed to the current one on the subscription ad page, plus a small note added stating something about 1958 prices.


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