Cracked Collector's Edition #68

Cracked Collector's Edition #68 • USA
November 1986
Year's Best - Movie Parodies, Satire and Humor in One
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Cover is reprinted from Cracked #71. The rest of the contents are reprints.

Comment by Tom Smith:

The very first "Year's Best" edition, featuring a collection of the best articles printed from the past year in the regular magazine (and rarely, such as in this first issue with the Uggly Family feature, from other special editions). The concept was created by Mort Todd here, and continued throughout the Silverstone years, right up until the Collector's Editions folded. Mad Magazine later copied the idea (intentionally or unintentionally) by issuing Mad Yearbooks each year during the 2000s which featured the same idea of collecting the best articles from the past year.

What made some of the Mort Todd Year's Best editions special is that, sometimes, he would include text pages providing behind-the-scenes info about the articles chosen for inclusion. This was not done during the Silverstone era, although some of the earlier editions from the 1990's featured a new tongue-in-cheek article detailing the news events of the previous year called "Year in Review".


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