Collection Of Signed Drawings Bob Clarke

Collection Of Signed Drawings Bob Clarke • USA
Collection Of Signed Drawings 1983, 1985 & 1989 MAD Trips Bob Clarke Art

Here's some original art and sketches from a few of the famous MAD Trips. Drawn by MAD Magazine artist, Bob Clarke, this collection of drawings come from the MAD Trip to Disney World (1983), MAD Trip to Italy (1985), and the MAD Trip to Germany & Switzerland (1989). There are five (5) pages of drawings from the Disney World trip, with caricatures of Sergio Aragones, Don Martin, PP Porges, Antonio Prohias, and Jack Davis, among others. The MAD Trip to Italy yields three (3) pages of charcoal art, including images of the Statue of David and the Canals of Venice, and two (2) pages of a city scene. The 1989 trip shows three (3) pages of art, with city scenes of Zurich and Rothenburg. The three (3) pages from the 1989 trip have been signed by Mr. Clarke. The others are unsigned. Each page measures approx. 9" by 12". A fourth drawing from the 1989 trip is included in Lot #91 (see Lot #91 above). From the collection of Bob Clarke.


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