Canvas Confidential Hardcover Book

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Canvas Confidential Hardcover Book • USA

Series: Miscellaneous MAD Related Stuff

Company: Dial Press

Publishing Date: 1963

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Here's a first printing of the hardcover book, Canvas Confidential. Published in 1963 by the Dial Press, this book was written by MAD Magazine contributors, Sy Reit and Frank Jacobs, and illustrated by the 1960's MAD Magazine cover artist, Kelly Freas. This book takes a look at the "other" side of a famous painting (like the picture of American Gothic, shown), and some of these are absolutely hilarious. While not technically a MAD Magazine book, you can certainly see the MAD Magazine-style humor in each page.


Frank Kelly Freas ... Illustrator
Frank Jacobs ... Writer
Sy Reit ... Writer


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