Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket MAD Magazine $2 - Delaware Lottery

Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket MAD Magazine $2 - Delaware Lottery  • USA

This is a super rare piece of MAD Magazine memorabilia. Produced in 2007 by the Delaware Lottery, this is an authentic ticket from the Delaware Lottery's "MAD" scratch-off game. This game featured a top prize of $1500, and, per Lottery rules, the game ended when the top prize was won. I discovered this ticket back in early 2008, while doing a simple Google "Image" search for Alfred E. Neuman. I called a few convenience stores in Delaware, and ended up purchasing 20 tickets. They sold like hotcakes on eBay shortly thereafter, with the last one (in unscratched, Mint condition) selling privately for $500. It measures approx. 4" by 4". A store window sign was also produced for this ticket, one of which exists in the MAD Magazine collection of a major East Coast collector.


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