Collection Of Comic Con Flyers From 1973

Collection Of Comic Con Flyers From 1973 • USA
April 3rd, 1973

This is a collection of comic convention flyers from 1973. Included in this collection is a flyer from the 1973 New York Comic Art Convention, where Bill Gaines and the Usual Gang Of Idiots were scheduled to appear. Also included is a flyer from D-Con 1973, where Harlan Ellison, Burne Hogarth, and Bill Gaines made guest appearances. Finally, there is a flyer from LunaCon '73, where Harlan Ellison was the featured guest. Also included is a "Dealers Mailing" that was handwritten (then copied) by Phil Seuling. All of the items are housed in the original manila envelope from Phil Seuling, which is postmarked April 3, 1973.


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