Advertising Poster Fred Alan Novelty Company w/ What- Me Worry?

MAD Merchandise from USA

Advertising Poster Fred Alan Novelty Company w/ What- Me Worry? • USA

Series: Miscellaneous Collectibles

Publishing Date: 1950

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This is a cool piece of MAD Magazine memorabilia. Produced in the 1950's, this item is an advertising poster for the Fred Alan Novelty Company. What makes this item special is that it borrows the popular "What - Me Worry?" logo from MAD Magazine. Typically, other companies would borrow the facial image of Alfred E. Neuman for use in their advertisements, and MAD would always send a "cease and desist" notice to the offending company. But, this was the first time that a company borrowed the "What - Me Worry" saying. While the actual words "What", "Me", and "Worry", are not trademarked, those same words in that particular font style is. And, that is what MAD got upset about. So, they sued the Fred Alan Company, and ordered the remaining posters destroyed. This poster is the actual poster MAD used in its litigations against the company, and comes from the collection of the former Associate Editor of MAD Magazine, Mr. Jerry DeFuccio. It measures approx. 7 1/2" by 17 1/2". The picture of Alfred E. Neuman (partially shown in the third picture) is used for comparison only.



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