Alfred E. Neuman Coffee Mug 1996 XPRES

MAD Merchandise from USA

Alfred E. Neuman Coffee Mug 1996 XPRES • USA

Series: Household Items

Company: XPRES Corporation

Publishing Date: 1996

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Produced in 1996 by the XPRES Corp., this item is an Alfred E. Neuman coffee mug. This mug features the face of Alfred E. Neuman on one side, the back of his head on the other (with the words, "What - Me Worry" shaved into the back, and the MAD logo on the side. This mug was part of a line of MAD Magazine collectibles sold in the pages of Toy Shop magazine by a seller called, "Family Fun Collectibles". Other items from this seller include a set of four (4) foam coasters, a set of four (4) ceramic magnets, and two (2) different ceramic steins.



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