Bust Alfred E. Neuman Life-Size by Gary Mirabelle

Bust Alfred E. Neuman Life-Size by Gary Mirabelle • USA

The bust was sculptured by Gary Mirabelle and was sold in the Warner Brothers Stores in 1993. Despite the engraving on the bust tells something different (25 bust were made), only 6 busts were produced. The life size busts belongs to the most wanted MAD collectibles ever.


Wow!  That was a strange and fun project. I grew up with Mad and was very excited about the project. Working with the people who headed up the project at Warners  not so great.  They kept switching around ideas of the Design of Alfred on me. That's how he end up without a shirt and trade mark tie. Stan Lee came by when we thought it was done and loved it. Some how when it got to Warners the new Project head removed the shirt and tie. 

We also agreed it would be an edition of 25. If the first 5 or maybe 6 sold(can't remember which) sold they would order the rest of the edition. They sold out in the first week.  The next order was suppose to be for the rest. My profit margins where low on the piece so I did the first 6 alone. With a larger order I could send them out to be done and Over see the project- I was very busy at the time. I needed to get back to selling my own work. With it farmed out it wouldn't matter I wasn't making enough because I had my own work to sell.  Warner came back and ordered another 5. That was not the agreement. I said all or nothing. I'm not making enough money on this project if you only take small orders. Warner was afraid they couldn't sell 25 so they wanted to go slow. No deal. That's why only a small part of the edition was made. 

Years ago I walked into Forbidden Planet in NYC. Someone had I book on all the Alfred collectibles. My Alfred was on the cover. I got a kick out of that. 
Thanks for contacting me. It was a blast doing the sculpture. 

Thank you

Gary Mirabelle 


Website of Gary Mirabelle: http://www.garymirabellestudios.com

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