A Golden Trashery of MAD

USA • 1st Edition - New York

A Golden Trashery of MAD • USA • 1st Edition - New York

Series: Miscellaneous MAD Books

Company: Crown Publishers Inc.

Publishing Date: 1960

Original price: $ 2.95

Pages: 136

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- The Latest Collection of Humor, Satire, Art, and Fun for all from Mad Magazine
- Introduction by Sid Caesar

1960's GOLDEN TRASHERY OF MAD is the third (and if one can believe the Internet the scarcest) of the original three MAD hardcover collections. Featuring a new and as far as I know never reprinted introduction by the great TV comedian Sid Caesar, this collection of then-recent work by the proverbial Usual Gang of Idiots is just chock-full of incredible Woodwork!
In fact, there are no less than 36 pages in this volume by Wallace Wood! Other contributors include Frank Jacobs, Joe Orlando, a pre-LIGHTER SIDE OF Dave Berg, Bob Clarke, George Woodbridge and Larry Siegel. There's also some early Don Martin, not enough of the already amazing Mort Drucker and some incredible pieces by longtime cover artist and sci-fi great Kelly Freas.

Text partly taken from http://wallywoodart.blogspot.com/2009/02/golden-trashery-of-mad.html


The Usual Gang of Idiots ... Author, Illustrator


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