MAD Magazine #44

Great Britain

The above is a British-only cover, concocted in-house.
This issue contained an original British-sourced article, ’Future Anti-Cigarette Advertising’, written by British editor David Climie. 
(MAD in the USA conducted a rigorous anti-smoking campaign after publisher Bill Gaines gave up nicotine, afterwards abhorring the habit: it’s not clear whether Climie had been influenced by Gaines, whether he was ’toeing the party line’ or whether, as is likely, this was merely a coincidence!)
The art was by Tony Hawes, who – again, coincidentally – had a long-term scriptwriting partnership with writer-artist Denis Gifford, himself a contributor to British MAD in the very early years, qv (it is unlikely that this connection had any influence on this ar t job). 
Among other highlights, the pair had (amazingly) been brought in to try to ’save’ the first series on TV (the ill-fated ’Running Wild’) of the eventually hugely successful comedy duo, Morecambe and Wise; Gifford-Hawes also devised games for ’People Are Funny’ for Radio Luxembourg, ensuring that they did the same job for early editions of the successful ’Generation Game’ on BBC TV, some years later.
Tony Hawes was also related (by marriage) to Laurel and Hardy! He was the second husband of Lois Laurel Hawes, daughter of Stan Laurel by his first wife, Lois Neilson.