Sally Forth #2

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Sally Forth #2 • USA

Series: Sally Forth

Company: Taschen Verlag

Publishing Date: 1981

Cover: Sally und Snorky

Cover Artist: Wally Wood

Original price: DM 9,80

Pages: 52

ISBN-10: 3-922985-01-7

ISBN-13: -

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- This book contains the following stories from "Sally Forth":
-- "The Co-ed Commandos Meet Captain Meno"
-- "Flashy Gorgonzola and the Planet Mungo"
-- "Microslavian Adventures"
-- "Monster Mayhem"

- In this series Wallace Wood got a helping hand by Nick Cuti, Paul Kirchner, Larry Hama and Richter


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Wally Wood ... Author, Cover Artist, Illustrator
Benedikt Taschen ... Editor


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