Vampirella #7

Side Projects from Germany

Vampirella #7 • Germany

Series: Vampirella

Company: Volksverlag

Publishing Date: 1st August 1982

Cover: Comics für Erwachsene Vampire

Cover Artist: Enrique "Enric" Torres

Original price: 6,- DM

Pages: 68

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- Contains a story by Wallace Wood

- The comic DIE MUMIE by Wallace Wood does not arise from the Warren Comic Vampirella, but from Monsters World No.1, Nov. 1964

- The last 2 stories Vampyrus! and Zimmer mit Ausblick! arises from Warren Magazine Eerie!

- Additional writer and artists: Frank Frazetta, Bruce Jones, Esteban Maroto, Richard Corben, Bill Dubay, Jose Gonzales, T.Casey Brennan, Ramon Torrents, Robert Rosen, Jeff Jones, Steve Ditko, Archie Goodwin


Wally Wood ... Illustrator
Enrique "Enric" Torres ... Cover Artist
Raymond Martin ... Editor


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