MAD Collectibles Treasure Trove

On this treasure trove page I’m offering MAD and Alfred E. Neuman memorabilia for a smaller price. Please check this page regurlary as I update this assortment from time to time. All listed items are fixed priced. 

Alfred E. Neuman Bendable Figure

Selling Alfred E. Neuman Bendable Figure.

Anyway they got rarer in the last years and you can it for just 5$

Price: 5$

MAD Magazine Puzzle – 500 Pieces

Selling the Alfred E. Neuman Puzzle with 500 Pieces. This puzzle was opened, but it’s complete and no pieces are missing.

Very nice collectible, which got rarer in the last years

Price: 20$

MAD Magazine Alfred Neuman Napkins

Selling my MAD Magazine Alfred Neuman Napkins

Pretty cool MAD collectible, the napkins are in unused condition (fortunately)

Price: 12$

2x 1950’s matchbooks (Bob Adamcik’s Restaurant)

These 2 big matchbooks are original from Bob Adamcik’s restaurant in Schulenburg, Texas. The front features the face of Alfred Neuman. They are hard to find. Some matches are missing!

Price: 25$

2x foreign EC Horror paperbacks from Norway

Selling 2 EC Horror paperbacks from Norway. They are called ‘Iskalde Gross’ and contain E.C. stories in Norwegian Language. The paperbacks were read, but have an overall nice condition.

Price: 8$

Page-a-Day 2001 calendar “What – me worry?”

This 2001 calendar was published by Workman Publishing, New York. The condition is very good and remains unused.

Price: 15$

Best of MAD TV Season 8 9 and 10 DVD

The case looks a bit used, but the DVD was played only once. Must have DVD for all MAD-TV fans out there.

Price: 4$

MAD Cartoon Network Promotion Poster

Selling my MAD Cartoon Network Promotion Poster. This poster was used to promote the MAD Magazine Cartoon Network series.

Price: 10$

Old ‘Spy vs. Spy’ console game for the Nintendo Entertainment system

This is the old ‘Spy vs. Spy’ console game for the Nintendo Entertainment system. It comes with the original box and with the original manual.

The condition is very nice and the game with original boy and manual is very rare.

Price: 40$

Old Nintento Spy vs. Spy Computer Game

This is the old ‘Spy vs. Spy’ console game for the Nintendo Entertainment system. It comes without the original box and without the original manual. Even without the manual, this game remains to be not easy to get.

Price: 10$

The MAD Show – Show Program

Selling the ‘The MAD Show – Show Program’ for MAD Show Broadway Show

Published by Samual French, INC.

VG condition with some defects on the cover

Price: Sorry, sold!

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