MAD & Alfred E. Neuman Cameo Items

Our beloved Alfred E. Neuman face was not only used by the MAD magazine. A lot of other US and foreign publications featured the face or the MAD logo on their newspapers and books. Here is what I have for sale. All prices are without shipping and trading is very welcome. 

Der Spiegel with Alfred on cover

The German news magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ is published weekly and offers articles about what’s going on in the world. This issue is from July 2019 and features Alfred E. Neuman as the new UK premier Boris Johnson. The classical MAD logo was also used for the cover heading.

Price: 20$

News Magazine from Thailand

Bought this news magazine in Thailand maybe 10 years ago. Can’t read the name of this magazine, but as far as I know it is published weekly in Thailand. This oversized issue features the face of a Thai politician as Alfred E. Neuman on the cover.

Price: 20$


Spanish ‘Mong’ newspaper with Alfred Cameo

Another newspaper with an Alfred E. Neuman on the front cover. Not sure about the history behind this one, but I believe it was published in Spain or Portugal. Pretty nice Alfred cameo on an oversized magazine.

Price: 20$

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