Lenny Brenners Original Job Schedule Boards

Here we have some pretty unusual MAD Magazine collectibles directly from the New York MAD Magazine offices!

I bought them some years ago from the late Leslie Setrnbergh and this is what she told me about these items:

I have on hand an unusual collectible. I’ll now describe it to you —

When MAD moved from its 485 MADison Avenue space to DC Comics’s offices, I was asked by Lenny Brenner if I would like to take this item, and I said OK… Otherwise they’d’ve thrown it out!

Now, after about a decade and a half, and in the interest of Good Housekeeping, I would like to sell this item to someone who’d like to collect such a thing, if there is another such person. What the heck am I talking about?! (Like I should know?) OK, so here’s what it is:

It’s the posterboard job schedules, mostly probably in Lenny’s writing, including job titles and artists/writers’ names, for issues — referred to on the boards as “Bill” — 276 through 325 of MAD magazine.

I am interested in allowing this item to be redistributed to someone kooky enough to want it, and thought I would let you know that it exists, and isn’t moldering in a landfill somewhere. The total number of these boards is eight, though only seven are all filled with names, titles, and scheduling info; the last one is about half blank.

They’re lined like notebook paper, and they’re on posterboard. That about sums it up descriptively, although photos and/or further description could be provided, if anyone’s nutty enough to be interested in this thing. We don’t want to throw it out if someone is.

Years ago I have paid 400$ for them and this is the amount I’m asking. However, I’m open for good offers. Trading is also very welcome!

Price: 400$

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