Tales From The Crypt: The Official Archives

Tales From The Crypt: The Official Archives • USA
July 15th, 1997
Tales from the Crypt (Photo of the live-action TftC TV show Crypt-Keeper)
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- This book contains 5 classical EC comics drawn by Jack Davis, Al Feldstein, Graham "Ghastly" Ingels and Jack Kamen. One of the story is the first publication of "The Mother" by Jack Davis. This story would have been a part of the then-unpublished "Shock Illustrated No.3," which was later published as part of Russ Cochran's Complete EC Library Picto-Fiction set.

- There are several alternate limited-edition versions of this book:
-- Alternate Version 1- Bound in goldfoil-stamped Skivertex, contains a bookplate signed by Al Feldstein, Jack Davis, Marie Severin, Joe Orlando, Johnny Craig, George Evans. Avaible in four different revolting colors: blue for the Crypt Keeper, green for the Vault Keeper, red for the Old Witch and orange for ? Limited to 500 copies total (NOT numbered!)

-- Alternate Version 2- Bound in gold-stamped white leather finish, contains the signed bookplate, a frameable 8"x10" photo of the Crypt Keeper, handsigned in gold ink, plus a pasted in signature from Harvey Kurtzman provided from his papers by his widow Adele Kurtzman. Limited to 200 copies (NOT numbered)

-- Alternate Version 3- same as Alternate Version 2, exept bound in expensive, tan-colored real leather! 50 copies only (NOT numbered). Originally sold for $300, has gone for over $1000!!

-- Alternate Version 4- contains a Different "Publishers Proof-NOT FOR SALE" bookplate. Signed by the EC Artist in Alternate Version 1 and Digby Diehl. It's bound in gold-stamped white leather finish (No Kurtzman signature, no Crypt Keeper still), 36 copies were produced, and were only given out to EC Artists, Writers and Contributors. NOT SOLD TO THE PUBLIC! Ultra Rare!!